Hydrabagger Bagging Machine

Demonstrating the versatility of the Hydrabagger’s patented suspension system


Note: These images are for illustration purposes only. The Hydrabagger MUST NOT be operated at inclines of 15 degrees or greater at any time. An audible on-board alarm will activate to notify the operator once this degree of incline has been reached. The machine MUST then be immediately returned to a position of less than 15 degrees incline, at which time, the alarm will cease to sound.


Pacific Fasteners & Hydraulics is proud to officially launch the new Hydrabagger Banana Bagging machine to the North Queensland Banana Industry.

Manufactured to meet the exacting safety standards required by the current AS/NZS 1418.10—2011 standard, the Hydrabagger has been designed to take operator safety & machine stability to new levels within our Industry.

Field tested in rugged North Queensland conditions, with input taken directly from users and incorporated into the machine’s design, the Hydrabagger will set the new standard for banana bagging machines.

Its unique suspension system offers a far smoother & more stable ride and thus a safer operating environment for the user. This also results in less stress and wear and tear on the machine structure itself and that means less maintenance costs.